Yellow Telescope

We were tasked with providing a very yellow website redesign for Miami-based business consulting specialists, YellowTelescope - a business growth consultants for the cosmetic surgery industry, operating mainly in the U.S. Their main purpose is to provide insight and knowledge to help surgery practices provide a more dynamic, economic and focused experience for their clients.

Contributors Oliver Suchomski Kieran Baybutt George Stoyanov Tom Barrow
Deliverables Web Design Brand Strategy Web Development 3D Animation

Their web
some love

While we work in very different industries, we quickly discovered shared values: we are both boutique outfits with a nimble approach, we’re both willing to take creative risks and we’re both dedicated to delivering innovation in our work.

Their web presence needed some love. It looked outdated and didn’t allow the flexibility they needed to continue expansion. Working with a team of collaborators, we were able to inject flair and vibrancy into the visual aspect of the website, whilst also providing great technical ability for the build.

3d animation by George Stoyanov
Smartphone design
Smartphone design
Quotation layout

To accommodate the extensive content the website already had – and allow for future growth – we built the website in a modular manner. Despite this building-block approach, the sections seamlessly flow into one another.

One of the challenges of a modular design is keeping the look interesting across the whole site, while maintaining visual consistency. Working with an extended creative team, adding both Kieran and Oliver to our roster, allowed us to fully explore different options and develop variety, with an overarching visual language.

Smartphone designs
Smartphone designs