Askonas Holt

Askonas Holt is one of the world’s leading classical artist management companies, representing over 250 international clients specialising in classical music.

With a website dating from 2017, the time came for a cosmetic and functional overhaul, better representing the company in its current form, and its standing within a sector undergoing seismic change.

Team Dave Bowers Ben Howarth Andrea Jelić James Powell Thomas Provost
Deliverables Brand Identity Web Design Web Development Digital Media


Our work aims to achieve several key objectives. Firstly, to elevate the agency’s brand perception through a cosmetic refresh, portraying it as more progressive within the industry. Secondly, to boost bookings from promoters through the website while nurturing existing relationships with both promoters and artists. Additional value is added by the development of a more robust website infrastructure and future-proofing for smoother updates and scalability.

Andrea Jelić played a key role within our design team, while Thomas Provost collaborated closely on motion work, bringing dynamic animations to the forefront of their new online presence..