Bertch Capital

After more than twenty years in the timber industry, the Bertch family founded its capital venture in 2009 – investing in real estate in the western United States. Over the years, their focus has gravitated towards long-term projects such commercial real estate, timberland, and ranchland. Seeking to reinvigorate their brand and restructure their digital presence, they approached us with a brief to encapsulate their history, values, and commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Team Dave Bowers Ben Howarth Andrea Jelić Ellen Ling Luke Dagnall
Deliverables Branding Web Design Web Development

Building an immersive experience

We constructed a brand toolkit taking a digital-first approach, allowing for the seamless integration of animation and interactivity from the very first step. Starting with a new logomark, we overhauled each and every aspect of their previous brand, creating a flexible blueprint that can adapt as the company progresses.

Centred around the high-quality text (penned by Ellen Ling) and video content, we designed a story-driven, immersive web experience, featuring an intuitive yet inventive user-interface and the digital-ready brand identity. Although not created strictly as a lead-generation tool, the website plays a pivotal role in outlining the company’s personality and functions as an integral part of their business development strategy.

Frictionless navigation through the website was achieved with a fixed, pill-bar style navigation at the bottom of the screen, giving users the option to hop around the website at will, or embrace a more natural flow through the content. This approach emphasises the rich nature of the content and contributes to an immersive, joined-up experience.