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Branding and app design for International Student Exchange programme for 13-16 year olds, based around a distinct illustrative style.


WeSpeak is an international student exchange programme for 13-16 year old English-language students visiting the UK from Germany. While staying with host families, their days are made up of completing a number of tasks, presented to them in English. The idea is that the tasks would aid their understanding of the language, while making the trips more engaging and fun.

Our client S-E-T Studienreisen needed a brand identity alongside a new mobile app to serve as their students’ companion on these trips, featuring travel checklists, a daily itinerary, group messenger and of course those all-important tasks.

  • Deliverables:
    Brand identity, app designs
  • Year:
  • Collaborators:

    Flexitech Solutions
    S-E-T Studienreisen

For the brand to be age-appropriate – vibrant, accessible, without being patronising – we developed an illustrative style based around a central character, Agent-C. This character would deliver the tasks like mini-missions to the students through the app, but would retain an air of mystery.

The creation of Agent-C gives us licence to create a more engaging aspect to the app, without it getting in the way of the core user-experience.

Although the target user-group are assumed to be technically-savvy, we still wanted the app to be something they could pick up and use immediately. Therefore, the user-interface leans heavily on established conventions that the users will already be extremely familiar with; swiping list items for extra options, recognisable chat dialogue, Google-style maps and location-information.