New Work

Walker Lovell

Brand identity and web design for Walker Lovell, a recruitment agency looking to realign themselves with their executive roles.


Walker Lovell are a business-to-business recruitment company based in the UK. They specialise in finding executive professionals to fulfil big-budget roles for companies working within a wide range of industries.

However, their previous branding and website weren’t aligned with that offering. Instead it looked dated, small-fry and in need of clarity. They came to us with the task of realigning their brand and providing a new website for which they could use to confidently approach new partners, and help them appeal to a wider, more diverse audience globally.

As always, we pulled together an extended team of designers and developers to tackle the task at hand…

  • Deliverables:
    Branding & Web Design
  • Year:
  • Collaborators:

    Ben Howarth
    Dave Bowers
    Kieran Baybutt
    Luke Dagnall

    Simon Parsonage
    HNW Copywriting

Following a tone of voice workshop, it became clear they needed to communicate a range of high-concept ideas. Some of which, such as “meticulousness” and the idea of something being “executive” are fairly difficult ideas to visualise. So, we decided to develop an overarching illustrative style using simple shapes to communicate these ideas through composition and form.

We provided a complete rebrand of their business, including a new logo, stationery, presentation slides, internal document styles and animations for social media.

For the brand aesthetic we wanted to emphasise the executive nature of Walker Lovell’s offering in an emotive, positive way. Romanticising the boardroom: scotch and mahogany, timeless designer furniture. An essence of Mad Men but made timeless. Simple graphic motifs along with a warm but powerful palette.

When approaching the web side of the project, it was important to carry across the brand work done previously. We used our illustration style to help communicate conceptual ideas and compliment the content.

In addition to these motifs, we also developed a sepia-style photographic library to help represent the end user across Walker Lovell’s brand & web materials.

Walker Lovell were delivered a distinctive brand toolkit that visually differentiates them within their field. The abstract illustrations wouldn’t look out-of-place hung on a wall and the brand assets look great in digital or print, large or small.