New Work

Smile Kitchens

Brand strategy and web design for a new online-only kitchen company.


Entering the competitive market of kitchen furniture, design and fitting, our client approached us to develop their brand strategy and create a web presence through which they would conduct 100% of their business.

As a start-up they would need to win trust and gain credibility. We approached the task by providing a positive user experience and utilising an attractive brand to create an emotional response.

Tasked with naming Smile, we wanted something to epitomise great customer service and a quality product. After whittling down a long-list, we chose the name Smile Kitchens: a happy customer is the cornerstone of the brand. They are contemporary, plain speaking and emotive.

  • Deliverables:
    Branding & Web Design
  • Year:
  • Collaborators:

    Ben Howarth

    Dave Bowers

    Oliver Suchomski


    Simon Parsonage

They needed a clean, clear website that’s a doddle to use. Minimal, yet engaging. A simplistic user-interface that still gives the customer control.

Our aim was to create a brand that’s warm and not divisive. Typography was kept as simple and as minimal as possible, and we developed a colour scheme which would appeal to a mass audience by remaining predominantly neutral and allowing the imagery to take centre stage.

As kitchen isn’t an impulse purchase, the website would likely be visited multiple times on different devices. So a consistent UX was important across all platforms.

We don’t want to overwhelm customers with specifications and jargon. Our visual language looks to establish Smile as the kitchen brand for the future, for everyone.