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Henley Financial

Brand-identity and web design for Henley Financial, who focus on providing advice to those experiencing financial hardships


Henley Financial are a UK based, online financial advice provider aimed at people, typically in their late-twenties through to mid-forties, undergoing distress as a result of debt problems. Due to the sensitive nature of the issues faced by their typical customer, Henley wanted to appear open and friendly across all communications. Their aim is to offer customers clear and comforting solutions to difficult financial situations.

Our brief was to create a new brand-identity for Henley that differentiated them from their competitors in a busy online marketplace and conveyed a message appropriate to their brand values of simplicity and clarity.

  • Deliverables:
    Branding & Web Design
  • Year:
  • Collaborators:

    Ben Howarth

    Dave Bowers

    JMW Digital

Given the importance of the issues faced by their typical end-users, Henley’s tone of voice was a key part of their brand. We worked with them to help create a tone which spoke to their audience clearly, without patronising or baffling them.

As part of their larger brand-identity, we developed an illustration style based around the idea of using a single line. This visually represented their value of simplicity and provided them with a unique illustration style to be applied across their various communications.

In addition to the brand-identity created, we also designed a variety of landing pages for Henley. These pages focused on creating a simple, singular journey for users to find the information they required while also following UX best practices.