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Flexitech Travel

Brand development and website design for mobile app development agency serving the travel industry.


Flexitech Travel were already a team we loved working with, having collaborated with them on the designs of their mobile apps for the Travel Industry.

However, when they came to us for a new website design, it was a totally different kind of challenge. They had little in the way of a brand identity, just a logo and a loose colour palette.

We wanted to create something for them which had potential for on and offline use, small and large scale. It would feel neither too overtly technical, nor too much in the vein of lifestyle travel.

  • Deliverables:
    Responsive website design and build, brand identity development
  • Year:
  • Collaborators:

    James Oconnell

An illustrative approach seemed like a logical route to take, providing the client with an effective library of scalable assets that they could use across different media. We approached James Oconnell having seen the work he’d produced in both travel and tech previously; his clean lines suggest a semi-technical feel whilst retaining a human element.

James produced illustrations around four themes: one for each of the three target markets Flexitech work with, and one with a general style. These works would help to frame the animated demos of the apps, shown on mobile handsets.

For the colour theme, we worked with James to update the previous palette from a very corporate royal blue, to something more suggestive of holiday seas and skies; a subtle way of working in the essence of travel without being explicit. It also allowed us to add a magenta-like accent colour, drawing attention to salient parts of the design and establishing a clear visual hierarchy on the screen.