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Design Action Plan

A website to promote and document a joint initiative from Manchester Metropolitan and Cardiff Metropolitan Universities.


A funded initiative between the Design Council, in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan and Cardiff Metropolitan Universities, the Design Action Plan aims to improve the profile of design as a driver for societal and commercial purposes across the UK.

A website was required that could evolve alongside the project, documenting the analysis as it was filed and presenting a useful, comprehensive resource at the end of the two year lifecycle.

Ease of maintenance was vital, as multiple collaborators from different locations would be required to keep the content updated.

  • Deliverables:
    Responsive website design and build
  • Year:
  • Collaborators:

    Manchester Metropolitan University
    Cardiff Metropolitan University
    Design Council

For the website’s aesthetics, we adopted a time-honoured approach: less, but better. For a resource extolling the virtues of good, thoughtful design, we had to make extra-sure that our creation adhered to the principles of what makes a design good. This minimalist appearance lets the user find – and navigate to – content without fuss or distraction, however it also means there is a greater emphasis on detail. Interactivity and motion had to be perfectly executed to prevent the user-experience feeling flat or underwhelming.

The key element of the user-experience was to create a frictionless feeling of gliding through the content. Smooth, logical page transitions gave the appearance of forward-motion, and once into an article page, subsequent content was perpetually pre-loaded so the user never has to take a backward step into the listings.