In a sea of online learning providers, Acowtancy dare to be different. They've been serving up accredited accounting courses for over 10 years and wanted assistance in both revitalising their website, and giving their 2D cow characters a 3D face-lift. We of course jumped at the opportunity. We were assisted by Craig & Tom for the build of the website behind the scenes, while Mora Vieytes worked with us to create the collection of 3D characters...

Team Dave Bowers Ben Howarth Mora Vieytes Tom Wright Craig Bright
Deliverables Character Design 3D Modelling Web Design

Star roles for bovine heroes

Since the beginning, Acowtancy's learning materials have always been underpinned by their cast of cow characters, but our bovine heroes aren’t strictly limited to a supporting role. Instead they’ve been integral to revitalising the Acowtancy brand and website UX, bringing personality and explaining concepts in a visual way.

Originally we tried to update the core characters in 2D, and workshopped ideas with a select group of chosen illustrators to find a style. We wanted a mix of classic and contemporary character design, taking inspiration from a whole spectrum styles including Looney Tunes, Ren & Stimpy and Adult Swim.

3D Character
Character Development
Character Development
3D Characters
Website Designs

As the entire brand and website redesign would revolve around the characters, we finally opted for 3D renders to make them more posable and give the designs depth. Brought to life by Mora, they help to bring humour and character to an otherwise unfussy style.

3D Characters
Website Questionnaire
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